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Sunday Sermon – Find Your Voice

find your voice

You Are Entitled To Your Voice

Years ago, back when I first started studying personal development, a mentor of mine introduced and exercise that detailed things in life that you are entitled to. There were, if I remember, about 6 of them. Three of them impacted me pretty heavily, one of them being that you are entitled to have a voice.

Too many times I’ve seen too many people afraid to use their voice to speak out against what they believed was wrong simply because they were afraid to ‘rock the boat’ or afraid that it might create conflict.

Over the years, I’ve learned to find and cultivate my voice. I’ve developed the courage to speak out against injustice…to lift up and encourage those who need it…and to simply let others know that someone DOES care about them.

Learning to speak up also goes a long way towards correcting misunderstandings, gaining understanding of something that you don’t quite get, towards finding and cultivating a community of others with the same beliefs, the same goals, the same outlook as yourself.

You are entitled to it, and others who would quiet it are those who are afraid to have their worldview challenged.

Denying yourself your voice is just another way for you to settle for less than you desire…to lower your standards for the sake of conformity.

Speak up.

Speak out.

The world is waiting for you.

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