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Sunday Sermon – Broken Is Beautiful

broken is beautiful

We’re all broken, just to different degrees, but we are.

We’re all also beautiful.  Each and every one of us.

The other night, as my wife was flipping through channels, I overheard someone talking on one of the church channels, and they said something to the effect of they were “waiting on God to make their brokenness into something beautiful”. I tilted my head like a dog hearing a far-off siren, and thought about that for a moment. I realized that’s wrong.

Life isn’t about waiting for God to make the broken into beautiful..

Think about it.

How many characters in religious history, no matter the faith tradition, were broken people? Thieves, murderers, liars, adulterers…all of them who set out on their life’s purpose as broken people and discovered along the way that they were beautiful.

If we wait until the broken is ‘fixed’ we miss the opportunity to share, to inspire, to create community in our brokenness.

We miss some beautiful things life has to offer.

Too often we use our brokenness as excuse to avoid doing what we want.


We hide behind the facade of perfection, thinking that our broken bits make us less beautiful than we really are. We hide our true beauty under a coating of bullshit fake beauty that, if someone stared at us too long, they’d see it was as transparent as Saran Wrap.

Why the hell do we do this?

Well, for one thing, our superficial, media driven culture bears responsibility for pushing unreal standards of physical beauty, of financial beauty, of relationship beauty, that we all just gobble up like so much crack.

The other thing is that in order to admit how broken we truly are, we have to face our fear that some folks we’ve come to bullshit our way into relationships with just may not like what they see and hit the bricks.

Well, that’s life.

The people who are meant to be around you will be, and those who aren’t worth shit, won’t.

So admit your brokenness.

Share your fears, your hopes, your dreams, your scars… and look at your self in the mirror and realize that broken person looking back at you is one beautiful son of a bitch.


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4 comments on “Sunday Sermon – Broken Is Beautiful

Superb post!
Too many of us hide behind brokenness, I’ve done it myself.
Too many of us use a fear of perfection as an excuse for not starting, I’ve done it myself.
Thanks for the reminder that beauty can be found all around us, including the breakages!
cheers, Gordon


Thanks Gordon!

This has definitely been one of my challenges, too.

It was years of people telling me that they thought my story needed to be shared before I started the blog/podcast. I’m so glad I did, and now I share stories with thousands around the world.

We’re all beautiful f*cked up people.


Thanks, Christian, for your blog and I can see the similarities with mine – only different words – thank you x


Thanks Irene,

I appreciate your kind words.. yes, we are similar, it’s nice to see a kindred soul online.


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