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7 Days In Hawaii


Seven days in Hawaii changed the course of my life forever. Seven days and thousands of dollars. The year was 2012. I had taken my first jump into being an entrepreneur, a jump I took without a parachute. I was sick of my job, sick of living an ‘average’ life and finally bought into the belief that being an entrepreneur was my ticket to freedom. Man, did I have plans…. vacations, cars, philanthropy, you name it.

Monetarily, my first venture was a Titanic level failure. It didn’t help that the company I joined went from personal development to real estate investing in a period of about 6 months, yet sometimes, even in crashing and burning, the entire course of your life could change for the better.

In the summer of 2012, I took my entire family to Hawaii for a vacation/live event. Even though the investment in doing so was enormous, there was just something telling me I had to be there. I had to get to Hawaii, I had to take the entire family, or else I’d regret it for the rest of my life.

Between the event, the airfare, the hotel…the trip was going to cost more than I had ever spent in one place outside of buying my house or buying a car. Like I said, Hawaii was calling, so I put together the money any way I could think of.

  • I pulled some out of my retirement
  • I sold my car

I did whatever I could to come up with the huge wad of cash it was going to take to get all 5 of us to Hawaii.

In those 7 days:

  • We hung out on Waikiki
  • We visited Pearl Harbor
  • We sat in a room for hours learning from Bob Proctor
  • I met one of my best friends, Sam Crowley, who taught me everything I needed to know about going for my dream AND launching my own podcast

The intangible things I got from those 7 days far outweigh the Armageddon like failure of the company I joined.

You see, I wanted out of the job I had and the life I was living.

I had long since decided that’s what I was going to do.

It wasn’t until February 2012, when the dominoes started falling, and I started taking whatever actions I needed to take in order to get those 7 days in Hawaii that I truly made the decision to change my life.

You can ‘decide’ all day long how you want your life to go. But nothing is going to change until you take action to make it so.

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