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How @samueladamsbeer Won A Customer For Life


In the span of about 60 hours this week, I had two distinctly different customer service experiences. One experience ended up ensuring they had a customer for life, while the other ensured they’d lost a customer forever.

On Wednesday this week, my oldest daughter and I went to dinner at a local TGIFriday;s. Now, I like Friday’s. I like their food, the vibe, the happy hour specials. Our family has been a customer of theirs for years. On this night, however, the ridiculously poor service ensured that neither I nor my family would be going back to their restaurant again. Long story short, the place wasn’t busy, maybe half a dozen tables had people, yet we had to wait an inordinate amount of time for our server to come by and after he took our orders, he never once came back to see if we needed another drink, if the food was good…anything.

On the other side, this Thursday I brought home some Sam Adams beer. While making dinner, one of the bottles just randomly exploded in the box. I sent Sam Adams a tweet, along with the lot number, just as an FYI in case they had a bad batch go out. Within 18 hours, not only did they respond, but issued me a refund for the beer I had bought, no questions asked. That’s the kind of service that ensures someone is a customer for life.

Now, your goal in life is to seek to serve others and that can take many forms. The question is, though, does your level of service ensure you’ll keep them as a customer or does your service risk losing a customer for life?


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