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HME 6: The Sacred F-Bomb


HME 6: Sunday Sermon – If Jesus Were Around Today, The F-Bomb Would Be Sacred

Point #1 – Dropping the F-bomb doesn’t mean you’re not Christian

  • The 3rd Commandment isn’t about cussing, it’s about forbidding name dropping.
  • Leaders and other unscrupulous people often name dropped God to justify oppression and exploitation.

Point #2 – Jesus often cussed out people

  • Matthew 23 is one of the most epic, brutal rants of Jesus aimed at the self-righteous
  • Jesus often used the imagery of the profane when calling people out.

Point #3 – Sometimes tables need to be flipped

  • Flipping tables and dropping the F-bomb can shock the system, get people to pay attention.
  • A little bit of holy anger can be a good thing.


In a world that sometimes seems as if it’s full of nothing but darkness and despair, simply lighting a candle can be a heroic act. Ideas are not killed with bombs or bullets but with education and enlightenment. Sometimes, in order to break through the noise, a well placed ‘fuck’ can shock the system and introduce a moment of stunned silence just long enough to change the conversation. In scripture Jesus often used the profane when calling people out. Using the imagery of snakes, tombs, the blind and deaf, were as shocking to 1st Century peoples as the f-bomb is to people today.


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