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HME 5: The Blessed Warm Fog Of Life


HME 5 –It’s Ok To Not Know!

Point #1 – Each Level Of Success Is A Step On The Journey

  • Success never feels as good as you think it will.
  • Each mission is meant to be lived until it becomes boring, empty, or useless.

Point #2 – Boredom Is Your Cue You’re Done

  • When you’re bored with your current situation, it may be time to change.
  • If you can walk away without regrets, you’re done.
  • Completing a project isn’t necessary to be done. Evaluate what skills you may have gained just by starting and working on your latest mission. Use those in your next step.

Point #3 – Embrace The Fog

  • Not knowing what you’re to do next can lead to anxiety.
  • Trust that you’ll know what the next step is when the time comes.


  • How does your current situation or project make you feel?
  • Does your current situation still hold the same excitement and sense of accomplishment as when you started?
  • If you could do anything and money wasn’t an issue, what would it be? Does your current trajectory move you towards that goal or away from it?


  • Honestly evaluate where you are, and if it’s time to move on, begin the process of moving on. Staying stuck where you’re unhappy is counterproductive.


  • Life is an endless cycle of strong, specific action followed by periods of not knowing.
  • Great achievements are accomplished in the blessed, warm fog.

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