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HME 8: Bye Felicia!

bye felicia

You are the author of your own life.
You hold the pen that writes it AND the pen that edits it.
Sometimes that means you have to tell folks “Bye Felicia!” and edit them out/fire them from your life.

This isn’t always the simplest thing to do because we don’t want to believe we’ve wasted what limited time we have on this planet investing in relationships that aren’t going to be healthy or fulfilling. Yet, like anything in life, things cycle from birth through life to death…and sometimes you have to kill them with mercy in order to continue growing.

Telling folks ‘Bye Felicia!” isn’t mean or spiteful or hateful.
It’s you taking care of you and your sanity.

In this episode we talk about 3 types of people you should consider firing from your life.

  1. Concern Trolls and Tone Police
  2. Those who are fully invested in who they think you are and not at all interested in hearing you out.
  3. Those who are invested in disagreeing with you, even when they don’t.

These are 3 types of people we all know, we all have in our lives, and that, honestly, we could all do without.

Being a Hot Mess is being unapologetic about who you are.
We’re gonna screw up.
We’re gonna unintentionally hurt people.
We’re passionate, loud, obnoxious.

Yet at the end of the day, we are who we are…someone who is figuring themselves out, doing the best they can, and fully committed to becoming a little bit better today than they were yesterday.

If people want to ride along with you, let them hop on board.
If all they’re gonna do is bitch, moan, complain, and criticizes…

…then tell them bitches “Bye Felicia!”


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2 comments on “HME 8: Bye Felicia!


There are a few people who have already got the “Bye Felicia” notice. 2015 I will be saying bye to several people who drain me ,use me and who do not bother about me.Thank you for this post.


Verushka143 Amen to that! I’ll be culling my ‘list’ over the next little bit, getting rid of those who do nothing but critique and criticize from a distance.


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