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HME 3: There Is Never A ‘Right Time’.

right time

HME 3 –There Is No ‘Right Time’, There Is Only Now

Point #1 – Quit Waiting For The Right Time

  • There is no ‘right time’, there is only now.
  • Eternal preparation is imaginary momentum.
  • Learn to find humor in the neverending emotional drama of life.

Point #2 – Quit Making Excuses

  • Using family or finances as excuses is weak sauce.
  • Making excuses leads to resentment.

Point #3 – Do What You Love And Do It Now

  • Give yourself an hour a day, a few times a week, to do what you love.
  • You will be teaching your children that their purpose, their calling, is too important to put off until someday.


  • What is really stopping you from doing what you love?


  • Spend an hour a day doing something that excites you at least 3 days a week.


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