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HME 22 – Your Inner Child Is A Dumbass


Your Inner Child Is A Dumbass

A serious dumbass. Think back to all the things you did as a kid, and soon you’ll realize what a dumbass you really were. Curious? Yes. Playful? Yes. And in a lot of ways, dumber than shit. When I was a kid I didn’t realize you shouldn’t unscrew an electric outlet while it still had power. Although I did learn that lesson very quickly when I got shocked and thrown down a set of stairs.

Psychology teaches that our beliefs that shape our worldview are imprinted in out subconscious by the time we reach our teen years. The things we learn, the examples we see, the things we believe, they’re all installed into your life’s operating system before you get your driver’s license.

So, let me ask you this.

If, when you look back, you realize what a dumbass you were as a kid…. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU LET THAT KID RUN YOUR LIFE??

That dumbass kid is like the Wizard of Oz, the man behind the curtain controlling how to interact and respond to the world around you.


Every. Single. Limiting. Belief. Was imprinted on you by the time you reached your 10th birthday.

Upgrade Your Operating System

If you want to be successful, want a healthy relationship, and are tired of being scared of going for your dreams, then, Dorothy, it’s time to let Toto rip back the curtain and reveal the fraudster that’s been running your life.

You’ve always had the power. You just had to learn it for yourself – Glinda The Good Witch

You have the power to change your life.

Your inner child is a great reminder to play and enjoy being present in the moment, but really doesn’t know shit about how to run your life.

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