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From Miserable To Hot Mess – Part 1


It’s not much of a secret that I used to be a very miserable man. I always knew I was meant for something greater, I just didn’t have the tools or the confidence to go for it. I was one of the perpetual daydreamers, always living in an imagined future as an escape from the miserable life I was living. It took a great deal of pain, and a bold step in faith, before I had the courage to change things.

There’s no such thing as an overnight success…or at least it’s very rare… like finding some Honus Wagner baseball cards at a garage sale rare. Most folks who seem to be an overnight success only seem that way because they woke up one night from the depths of a soul crushing nightmare and decided things had to change.

Their, and your, story doesn’t begin where you think it does. Often, it begins long, long before you decided, and took action, to change your life. It begins that moment you’re staring in the mirror, and for the first time you realize that something has to change. That moment, the “What the f*ck” moment, is your pain threshold. It’s that point in your life when staying where you are has finally become more painful than getting off your ass and doing something about it.

It’s your own personal “come to Jesus” meeting.

My story began in late 2003, with the death of my gramma. Upon returning to work after 5 days bereavement leave, I found myself in the doghouse…somewhat unfairly…and working for a boss who would later refer to those 5 days in December as a ‘vacation’. The day I returned began a 7 year exile that lasted until the day I couldn’t take any more and presented my boss with a ‘manifesto’ demanding a raise and a a promotion.

That day in 2010 would be the second milestone in my journey from miserable ass to hot mess.

The more I’ve thought about the last 13 years, the more I’ve realized how important this story really is. I see in my Facebook memories and on Timehop exactly how miserable I used to be….and how long I was living in misery.

I know a lot of y’all are living miserable lives and you’re looking for a sign to tell you which way to go.

Let my story be your inspiration. Learn from my mistakes, and let this once indecisive engineer with zero confidence and even less self esteem show you how if I can climb out of the pit of despair, you can, too.

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