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HME 10: Donald Trump – Genius or Assclown?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump: Genius?

We’re well into the 2016 election year now and the candidate that has sucked all the oxygen out of the room for the last 6 months is Donald Trump. Now, to be sure, Trump is an exemplary assclown. Not only are his politic repulsive, but with the way he presents himself, it’s a pretty safe bet that personally he’s repulsive as well.

Yet, at the same time, he’s a freakin’ genius.


He knows his target audience.
He knows the language they speak.
He speaks in black and white dualism that overrides logic and taps into people at an emotional level.
He future paces almost everything he says.

How does that make him a genius?

Listen to the latest episode and find out why he’s a genius and how you, too, can be as influential has he is…no matter what your calling in life is.

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