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Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

half empty glass

The Myth Of The Half Full vs. Half Empty Glass

Half full or half empty. These two perspectives are the most common way people see their own life. Some are half empty folks with others live as their glass is always half full. Some even vascillate between the two.

Why is this important?

Simple. How you see the glass often reflects how you see your life.

Glass Half Empty

Half empty people live a life of scarcity. They often feel like they never have enough, whether it’s money, time, success, love, etc. For them, life happens to them. Half empty people exhibit feelings of a lack of control over their situation and their lives which invariably leads to the development of a victim mentality. These people are the complainers, the gossips, the Eeyores. Perpetually unhappy, they easily seek out and find the dark cloud around the silver lining.

A closer look into their lives will reveal an unhappy person with a victim/martyr complex. They’re unable to see the good in life and are usually full of resentment over the way they feel that ‘life has treated them’.

Glass Half Full

Half full people are perpetually upbeat and optimistic to the point of annoying the fuck out of everyone around them. They’ve built a false narrative where everything is happy, negative events are brushed off or ignored, and if they took an honest look at the world around them, their entire worldview would collapse.

A closer look into their lives will reveal a faux optimism. They live in a state of denial, often pretending everything is fine, even when there are urgent matters that need their attention.

Half Empty AND Half Full

Emotionally unstable and moving from high to low, often without warning, these folks are enough to drive anyone crazy. These are the constant quitters, often starting something new: a job, a business, a hobby, like a ball on fire only to crash and quit at the first sign of a challenge or boredom.

Their friends and families don’t take them seriously because of this. They don’t instill confidence in others. Their lack of commitment beyond the excitement of the beginning gives of the impression that they’re not serious.

A closer look into their lives will reveal a number of incomplete projects and plans that never made it past the idea phase.

half empty glass

The Glass Is Refillable

What if I told you there was another option. One that puts you in control, allowing you to choose the direction of your life, handle any storm, and exude the confidence of a leader.

This is seeing the glass as being refillable. People who see this way understand that life is full of highs and lows. They also know that it is up to them to determine how they respond to it. When life gets stressful, when they’re tired, when they feel like they’ve got nothing left, they know how to refill their glass.

They rest.

They unplug.

They surround themselves with people who love and support them.

They partake in physical exercise.

They ditch the mundane and do something creative.

They find ways to refill their glass so they can be back at their best, ready to attack life with focus and determination.

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