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You Are A Badass Unicorn…So Act Like It!

badass unicorn

You are a badass unicorn. There is nobody on this planet that is you-er than you and not one single soul will use your unique talents and gifts the way that you do. So, why do you spend your time begging you and everyone else around you to think that you’re a loser?

Self deprecating humor is asking everyone to think of us as a loser. And not in the loveable “Charlie Brown” kind of way, but at the pathetic member of the group that has nothing to offer except to be a walking punchline.

Making yourself into a joke is one of the most effective means of self-sabotage in our repertoire. Whether we think it’s true or not, our subconscious mind takes it in as the truth and adds that to the filter through which we see life.

Being able to laugh at ourselves is important. Constantly taking life way too seriously imparts the belief that there’s no room in life for joy, mirth, or just plain goofiness. I don’t know about you, but hanging out with people who take themselves way too seriously just sucks the air out of the room and the will to live right out of me.

You, my friend, are a badass unicorn.

You are glorious, fabulous and goofy as fuck, You fart rainbows, crap skittles, and pee glitter. You are unique and beautiful.

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