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The Hot Mess Express podast – Real, raw, an uncensored talk for anyone who’s tired of being stuck in other people’s boxes.

 If You’re Gonna Be A Mess, Make It A Hot Mess!

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You’re probably thinking to yourself….”Self…..what the fuck is a hot mess?”

Well, let me tell you.

A hot mess:

  • …isn’t afraid to make mistakes
  • …doesn’t tailor themselves to the situation
  • …has high standards
  • …laughs at inappropriate times
  • …has a big heart
  • …is constantly growing
  • …values progress over perfection

In short, a hot mess understands that other people’s opinions don’t pay their bills. They’ve put up with trying to fit themselves into other people’s expectation boxes for far too long and not only seek to live outside the box, but they nuke the fucking box as well.

Hot Mess Express Episodes

  • Episode 19 – Depression Is A Bitch
    • Depression affects over 6 million men every year, including me. Listen to my story, how I manage my depression, and why Richard Rohr can suck it.
  • Episode 18 – 7 Days In Hawaii
    • In 2012, 7 days in Hawaii changed my life forever. It took taking massive actions to get to Hawaii, and it led to the biggest life change I’d make.
  • Episode 17 – Getting Addicted To Progress
    • I’m addicted to personal development. Applying the things I learned to my own life began opening up doors and led to massive progress.
  • Episode 16 – From Miserable To Hot Mess, Part 1
    • For years I was a miserable man living a joyless life. I hated my job, my life and it took 12 years and a midlife crisis to go from miserable to Hot Mess.
  • Episode 15 – Human Nature Is So Unnatural
    • Human nature is the most unnatural thing. Nature is always changing yet our human nature is to stay still. Change your nature and you change your life.
  • Episode 14 – Are You An Impostor?
    • Impostor syndrome sufferers fear success and achievement. Learn the symptoms of impostor syndrome and how to break free.
  • Episode 13 – Master Shifu Says Do Something New
    • Shifu says if you only do what you can do, you’ll never be better than you are. Time to stretch yourself, do something new, and make Shifu proud.
  • Episode 12 – Sunday Sermon: Find Your Voice
    • Find your voice. Sing your song. Tell your truth. Society needs more people willing to use their voices to change the world for the better.
  • Episode 11 – Goodbye David Bowie
    • David Bowie passed away after an 18 month battle with cancer. His influence on the world is, like him, larger than life. His shoes can never be filled.
  • Episode 10 – Donald Trump: Genius or Assclown?
    • Donald Trump is an assclown. He’s also a freakin’ genius. What can you learn from the hair that roared?
  • Episode 9 – Sunday Sermon: Pain Is Sacred
    • There’s a sacredness in pain that doesn’t exist in any other human experience. Don’t make it profane by being a douche.
  • Episode 8 – Bye Felicia!
    • Sometimes you just have to tell people “Bye Felicia!” You ain’t got room for negative people in your life. If they don’t like you, their loss.
  • Episode 7 – Sunday Sermon: Broken Is Beautiful
    • Our true beauty lies in our being broken. Our scars, our failures, our vulnerabilities are what make us beautiful. Quit waiting to be ‘fixed’.
  • Episode 6 – The Sacred F-Bomb
    • Jesus used the profane to shock people into listening. If he were around today, the f-bomb would be a sacred phrase.
  • Episode 5 – The Blessed Warm Fog Of Life
    • It’s ok to not know.
  • Episode 4 – Make A Damn Decision
    • A fool follows public opinion, but a wise man makes his own decisions.
  • Episode 3 – There Is Never A ‘Right Time’
    • A moment waited is a moment wasted.
  • Episode 2 – To Be Great, You Have To Be Willing To Suck
    • Nobody sees how much the great ones sucked when they first started.
  • Episode 1 – All Aboard The Hot Mess Express
    • Fuck the rules…get as lost as Alice and be as mad as the Hatter.

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